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Elections in Turkey among explosions with dead and wounded

The political climate in neighboring Turkey is currently very red where at least four people were killed and 100 others injured by explosions at the election rally of the Kurdish Peoples Democratic Party (HDP), in Diyarbakir, 48 hours before the opening of the polls regarding the parliamentary elections.

DIYARBAKIR, Turkey – A bomb made from a gas cylinder packed with ball bearings caused one of the deadly blasts at a Kurdish election rally, Turkish security sources said on Saturday, a day after the attack killed two and wounded more than 100.

According to Turkish media, the explosion occurred at an electrical transformer installed in a square of Diyarbakir, where the majority of people being there at that time were part of the Kurdish minority. The time that tens of thousands of supporters of the Party of the Peoples Republic (HDP) had gathered to hear the speech of the leader of the party Selahattin Demirtas.

The election campaign for the parliamentary elections on June 7 in Turkey has been hit by numerous violent incidents, the majority of which aim was the HDP.

The Prime Minister of Turkey Ahmet Davutoglu pledged that after this event an investigation will take place asap.

“We’ll see if this is an explosion, which is due to transformer damage, an attack or challenge,” said Davutoglu during his speech at election rally of the ruling AK Party in Gaziantep.

In a television interview late on Friday, Erdogan said security would be tightened after the blasts.
“The incident has to me seriously cast a shadow over the election. We will hold the election one way or another. We are trying to hold this election in the best possible conditions, increasing all security measures,” he told ATV.

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