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United States now became the first world oil producer ahead of Saudi Arabia , #fracking, #shalegas #US

According to the BP’s annual statistical report, the United States passed last year in front of Saudi Arabia. The American production progressed faster than planned, thanks to the revolution of the fracking (shale oil).

A highly symbolic bar was crossed on the world oil scene. According to the BP’s annual statistical report published on Wednesday, the United States became last year the first world oil producer, in front of Saudi Arabia and Russia. According to the oil group, the production of American crude oil (including liquids of natural gas) increased last year of 1,6 million barrels a day ( Mb / day ), to 11,64 Mb / day, whereas that of Saudi Arabia remained globally stable, in 11,5 Mb / j. Russia, world number three, extracted from its part 10,84 Mb / day in 2014.

It is the first time that – statistically speaking, from a source which is recognized as reliable, the United States is placed on the first step of the podium of the world’s oil-producing for forty years!!!: according to BP, it had not arrived since 1975. It is not really a surprise considering the spectacular growth observed by the American production thanks to the revolution of hydrocarbons of schist: since the middle of the 2000s, the combined use of the hydraulic fracturing technologies and the horizontal drilling allows to extract the gas and the oil imprisoned into the source rock.

This revolution has already allowed to Marilyn Monroe, Coca Cola Mc Donalds country to become the first natural gas world producer in 2011, in front of Russia. Since 2012, the country became the world leader of hydrocarbons production (crude oil, gases, petroleum products, etc.). At the end of 2012, the International Energy Agency had created a sensation by predicting that the peak would be exceede for the oil before 2020. It is now done, with several years beforehand on all the forecasts. The production of non-conventional oil, – concentrated in the ponds of the North Dakota, Texas, and the New Mexico, reached to it alone 3,6 Mb / d last year.

It is notably the first time when a country increases its production of more than 1 Mb / d during three years running, notes BP.

The sharply increase of the United States on the energy markets has already caused a world shock wave. To begin with the fall in prices of the barrel since June, 2014, as a cause to an overproduction estimated at 1,5-2 Mb /d . Of 105 dollars one year ago, the price of the WTI, in New York, fell of 60 % before recovering in a little more than 60 dollars these last weeks. The big geopolitical balances could also be upset, the United States having massively reduced their dependence to the oil of the Middle East, with imports decreasing by 20 % since 2010.

All the question is now to know if and how the trend is going to continue. While OPEP, dominated by Saudi Arabia, refuses to reduce its production quotas to support the prices, many bet on a reduction in the American production in the coming months. In its last monthly report, the American Energy department indicated that the production of the United States had reached a new historic record to 9,6 Mb /d in May (except(off) liquids of natural gas), but that it should decline between June and the beginning of 2016 before going up again.