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View from the North Site of Cyprus through the eyes of a Turkish Settlers’ daughter

Her name is Ayşegül. She is 28 years old. She works at a nail salon in Kyrenia.

She was born to settler parents 13 years after the division of the island, in a house that belongs to a displaced Greek Cypriot family. She has lived in Kyrenia all her life. She knows of no other life.

“I would never knowingly take away somebody else’s house,” she says. “Of course I can imagine the pain.”

Her parents were brought to Cyprus from a remote village in southeastern Turkey after late Turkish Cypriot Leader Rauf Denktash, in May 1975 signed a secret protocol with Turkey named, ‘Ordinance on Overcoming the Shortage of Labour Force in the Turkish Region of Cyprus by Sending Labour Force from Turkey as Requested by the Turkish Cypriot Federated State.’

Ayşegül is just a face behind the numbers. She is one of the tens of thousands of Turkish settlers in Cyprus, whose future status is one of the most controversial issues for both communities. While the transfer of population is clearly a crime and a violation of international law, the expulsion of the entire settler population including their descendants is as inhumane as it is impossible.

Can individuals like Ayşegül be penalised for crimes committed by their home state causing an equally major humanitarian tragedy as the displacement of refugees?

This very contentious and controversial question should be debated not only as a legal, but also a humanitarian issue, leaving populism, stereotypes, fears and myths aside.

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5 thoughts on “View from the North Site of Cyprus through the eyes of a Turkish Settlers’ daughter”

  1. I think one should be forced to leave from homeland from home. Cyprus Turks has been forced to leave their homes which previously they lived in the south. Cyprus Greeks lived the same thing by going south. Both sides suffered a lot. I wish that all of them wasn’t happened. I wish that two sides could have found a way to live in peace long before.

    This is exactly the thing what British imperialism made. Unfortunately, it is still strong to make to people’s enemy each other.

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  2. Unfortunately nobody asks how the children of this people somehow “forced” to go and settle the North of Cyprus where Greek Cypriots used to live there before, how they feel. Greeks and Turks used to leave peacefully in mixed villages until the Cypriot Independence.

    During the campaign for the end of British rule in Cyprus and eventual union with Greece British payed Turkish to fight against the Greeks. And then in 1974, USA politicians pushed the military junta in Greece to make a coup d’état against the Republic Of Cyprus and at the same time they pushed Turkey to invade Cyprus at the same time.

    Cyprus now has 10% of its land given to UK as British Bases and the dispute between the two communities helps to keep it that way. Big Satellites into these bases are gathering information from all Middle East.

    Unfortunately, there are politicians from both Greek and Turkish sides have invested their careers into propaganda hate. Example the socialist party in Cyprus suddenly changes its position regarding Cyprus solution :


    1. Yes, I wish, it would be asked to the children. Already, if the management of this planet would left in the hands of the children, this planet would be better place.

      Everything is so ridiculous about that, especially in the situation of Cyprus. For example, you wrote that the British paid to Turkish fighters before 1974. The opposite is known in Turkey. Even it is written that British allowed for the killing to Turks in villages, the British in collaboration with Greek Cypriots.

      But no matter what, I do not believe in a non-scientific studies as an extraterrestrial you know.;) For example, the information circulating on the Internet is so tragic-comic. Constantly there are some photos that are shared. The written under of these photos is different each time. Under the one of the same photo: Turkish made Armenian massacre. Under the same photo on another sharing: Greeks made massacre to Turks. And again same photo unter title Turks made massacre to Greeks. Such nonsense, but there is only on this planet.

      The reason of starting of British game, you know, is Ottoman’s stupid policy. Because, they hired the island to the British, at last quarter at 1800’s.

      In fact, people should enlighten up with the work of scientists who must impartial, about Cyprus and all other matters, free from influences such as the policies of UK, France or US. For example, there is an article published by the Middle East Technical University, under the heading “British period in Cyprus”. Here is the link:

      In here at the island with the beginning 1878, it was clearly documented by the UK was behind every event. With brutality and furious interests of British policy, it can be understood which is how the two peoples have been enemies with each other. If you can get help from someone who knows Turkish I highly recommend reading to you. If you couldn’t, already I am thinking in the future to translate of this article on my blog. I would like to say that, as a result. If the planet is away from the imperialists games, it would not suffer. I wish for the humanity, I hope someday completely get rid of their yoke.

      And it is like kidding, only six member of Socialist party EDEK are disagreed with the party’s decision!


      1. Unfortunately i don’t speak a lot of turkish even though i always wanted to learn but i’ll try to read it and maybe translate it in french also

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