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The action and the propaganda of some European Anarchists describing themselves as “volunteers” or “activists” are to blame for the incidents taking place in Idomeni, Greece

In the name of solidarity some anarchists from Germany, Spain, Italy and other European countries are going to Greece, and they incite tensions and incidents in Idomeni almost on a daily basis as the last one that took place during the last weekend near the Greek-Fyrom border.
The Greek police is searching energetically for the instigators and promoters of this unprecedented refugee protest that led to clashes between FYROM’s authorities and the refugees on the border with Greece and  ended with dozens wounded and hundreds suffering  from  breathing problems . The humanitarian aid organization Medecins sans frontières, which has nothing to do with these fake activists, said it had sent additional teams to help migrants at the Idomeni refugee camp.

Greek media reported that the unrest started after a brochure was released in Arabic that called on the refugees in Idomeni to gather at the border and attempt to cross it probably written by these “fake solidarity activists operating there”.

“Open the border,” “We need European Union” and “Not to return” read the banners held by asylum seekers. They were also heard shouting “Merkel! Merkel!” referring to German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

At least 15 police officers were injured in the clashes, five of them seriously, Balkan Newsbeat reported. Many police vehicles and other equipment were damaged by stones thrown by the migrants, the report added, saying that reinforcements will be posted throughout the camp overnight.

A Ruptly (Russian media) crew covering the migrant crisis in Idomeni said they were caught in the clashes and were teargassed.

Ruptly journalist Katica Djurovic said that police also deployed stun grenades against the asylum seekers.

The interior ministry in Skopje said that NGOs were encouraging illegal crossing of refugees on the border, the Independent Balkan News Agency reported.

“Different reports show that NGO activists have encouraged refugees to cross the border illegally. They have spread leaflets with false information, stressing that once they cross the Greek-Macedonian border, they will be able to continue their journey to EU member countries without any stops,” the Interior Ministry in Skopje said.

Different reports speak about migrants being incited, misled and organized by NGOs activists to cross the Greek-Macedonian border by using violence,” the foreign ministry in Skopje said.

“Distribution of leaflets was registered containing false information that once migrants manage to cross the Greek-Macedonian border, by using violence, they will be able to continue the journey to the EU Member States with no further impediments.”

A lengthy statement by the Republic of  FYROM’s foreign ministry said that the illegal border crossing attempt on April 10 had involved an estimated number of more than 3000 migrants, organised in smaller and larger groups attempting to violently enter the Republic of FYROM from Greece in and around the irregular border crossing point “Boundary Stone 59”.

Police focuses its research on different groups  who came from Europe and  hanging around  on a daily basis in the refugee camp claiming to belong to  “solidarity” groups helping refugees.

As it has been pointed out by the research  conducted by the Greek Police, these people do not live near the refugee camp or even in the Greek territory; their base is in FYROM (Gevgelija) from where they come and go everyday  to Idomeni with their passports. Furtherome, these events and as those that took place some days ago  are based on an organized  plan of these “alleged activists”, who used as a pretext a supposed petition from the refugees to give it to the Fyrom’s authorities.


These “activists” are being actively researched by the authorities and after yesterday’s incidents they tried to disappear.

However, we have to point out the  inability of the greek government  to identify, control and stop these anarchists who from time to time incite tensions in the refugee camps carrying out a  fake image that  borders will reopen.

On the other hand ,FYROM’s police officers entered the Greek territory illegally on Sunday to remove the refugees and immigrants protesting, including many children.The police while being in Greek territory fired tear gas and rubber bullets against the demonstrators, despite the fact that many children were among the demonstrators.


Therefore, in Idomeni some NGO are producing an excellent work with the refugees assisting them with medical care and activities as the Medecins sans Frontières


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