HADEEL by Rafeef Ziadah, Poem

Rafeef’s debut ablum Hadeel is dedicated to Palestinian youth, who still fly kites in the face of F16 bombers, who still remember the names of their villages in Palestine and still hear the sound of Hadeel over Gaza.

Rafeef Ziadah’s Hadeel is an inspiring addition to a group of artists who are lending their voices to the fight against racism. Not only are a greater number of filmmakers and musicians producing work that speaks about Palestine, but a creative bulk is emerging to boycott Israeli cultural institutions. Ziadah’s debut work is not only an eloquent ode to Palestine, but is a powerful tool in the movement to dismantle Israeli apartheid.

Rafeel Ziadah has helped to spearhead many of the initiatives calling for the academic and cultural boycott of Israel until it adheres to the demands granting Palestinians rights under international law.

Ultimately, my experiences and those of the majority of Palestinians have been shaped by dispossession and exile enforced by Israel's settler colonial regime through a set of comprehensive apartheid policies. The journey of refugees from many countries to Europe, which I write about in this album, is shaped by a political system that treats asylum seekers as suspect.
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