Who is more dangerous regarding USA’s foreign policy in the Middle East ? Clinton or Trump? I could put my hand on my heart and say Hillary .

First of all i would like to say that i don’t support Donald Trump, but comparing to Hillary’s Middle East foreign policy, i believe that he might be lesser evil than Hillary. Either one will probably lead USA to a new war even though i hope that this will not take place.

United States fueled a dangerous dynamic in Middle East for decades. In different ways, Trump and Hillary make it scarier.

Moscow is “bombing the hell out of ISIS” because President Putin wants to prevent terrorism spilling into Russia, said US presidential candidate Donald Trump, criticizing failed US Middle Eastern policies that have already turned Iraq and Libya into a total mess.

However, Donald Trump’s recent ad featuring a judo-ing Vladimir Putin and barking Hillary Clinton has been viewed well over two million times, and has caught the attention of the Kremlin, which said the ad unfairly demonizes Russia.

“It is not even a contest!” Donald Trump said in response to an NBC News presenter’s question about whether it had been better when Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi were in power.

“Iraq is a disaster… Libya is not even a country,” he explained. “You can make the case, if you look at Libya, look at what we did there – it’s a mess. If you look at Saddam Hussein with Iraq, look what we did there – it’s a mess.”

Trump said that Washington is “destroying our country” by wasting too much money on Middle Eastern policies that do not seem to work: “We have spent $2 trillion in Iraq, probably a trillion in Afghanistan…”

Trump stressed that he has nothing against the Russian anti-terrorist operation in Syria.

“I like that Putin is bombing the hell out of ISIS,” Trump said, adding that he believes that the target of the airstrikes is indeed “going to be ISIS.”
“I’ll tell you why. Putin has to get rid of ISIS ’cause Putin does not want ISIS coming into Russia,” Trump said. However, he explained that he hopes the operation will eventually weaken Russia and that Russian President Putin “will be begging to get out.”

“You watch, he’ll get bogged down there. He’ll spend a fortune,” Trump forecast. “Everybody that’s gone to the Middle East has had nothing but problems.”

Credit NBC News https://www.youtube.com/user/NBCNews


6 thoughts on “Who is more dangerous regarding USA’s foreign policy in the Middle East ? Clinton or Trump? I could put my hand on my heart and say Hillary .”

  1. I would say that Clinton is more dangerous. I think Trump’s an isolationist. If that means fewer wars that’s a good thing.

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    1. We don’t have to believe what they say …agendas and opinions change just after the elections

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  2. I’m a foreign policy adviser for one of the campaigns. I cannot say which one unfortunately, but these comments are quite interesting. And I mean that sincerely, not in a tongue in cheek manner.
    Like it or not though, this is a world currently in crisis and the next president is going to have a full foreign policy load to contend with next January.

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