London to Lose Tens of Thousands of Jobs After Brexit — Fortune

It won’t just be Britain that is doing the leaving after the Brexit vote. A number if large companies, particularly banks, are likely to pack up at least some of their workers and move them out of London now that the U.K. has voted to exit the EU. In all, the city that has long…

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  1. Yes. Or maybe not. But then again, that’s what corporations do all of the time, Brexit or not. That’s what the TTIP is all about, isn’t it? Companies get to set up shop wherever it suits them and then also get to sell their good and services wherever it suits them. They move the labor intensive side of their operations to where labor and other costs are the least (thereby causing some people to lose their jobs somewhere), and they sell their ‘stuff’ where they can get the most for it. It’s called capitalism, the thing that forever stagnates and lurches from one economic crisis to the next.

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    1. Nothing is sure my friend, there are always economic theories , today we’re witnessing the split of the uk and the crush of their own currency, hope i’m wrong but i’m not blind. Scotland wants its own independance and nothern ireland probably ,is sad very sad , it is more about the economy uk and europe

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      1. Did you get a chance to read Prof. Richard Werner’s “EU Basics – Your Guide to the UK Referendum on EU Membership?” If you do, you will realize that nations that control their own currency, that is, that can issue their own money, can always stimulate productive investment. What’s happening in Greece? Why can the Greeks not get back on their feet? Why did their economy implode in the first place? The answer is that Greece has been singled out by the Western oligarchy to be pillaged, and the pillaging can only happen by stripping Greeks of a sovereignty that “in principle,” if not under the rule of its current compradors, it could exercise. So whatever happens going forward, however the establishment tries to spin the reasons for it, because the neo-liberals are currently hegemonic, would have happened regardless.

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      2. Uk is not in the Eurozone. Euro was a mistake tbh European Union with a good democratic system that works and is not influenced by us (dollar brother) is what Europe needs. Why Europe should be a mistake when the right democratic values are implemented the same way across the whole of it? Uk wll never agree with that therefore is out…

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      3. I realize that Britain maintained, for the time being, control over its currency. But a vote to remain a part of the E.U. would in time have meant a capitulation over its currency and a consolidation over the whole of Europe of Brussels and the ECB. Are these institutions democratic or not? Is the E.U. currently “a good democratic system?” Why would anyone want to join a system that is not democratic? That doesn’t mean I’m not with you on the vision of for a European Union with a good democratic system. But it would have to be a bonafide “socialist,” and not a “neo-liberal,” European Union. There is a difference . . .

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  2. BTW: just because England voted for the ‘exit,’ Britain being the good little democracy that it is, too, like the current system of the E.U., the ‘vote’ is not actually binding. It has to be ratified by parliament. Therefore the establishment does have the discretion or not to ignore the will of England and do what it thinks best for itself. If it decides to ignore the ‘vote,’ then we will know exactly what the oligarchies of the world have in store for the people of Europe: work, and work harder, and for a whole lot less . . .

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    1. We cannot analyze everything , i wait and see for today, but in my opinion it was a wrong decision ! Hope i’m wrong but i ‘ll do a post explaining why in depth

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    2. There are a lot of reactions today we must be careful !


  3. Do be careful, then. Here, in North America where people are even and usually completely oblivious to what is happening in their own backyards, there will be no reaction, as unaware as most are all of the time.

    “Europe? Where’s that? Why should I care?”

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