Syria and the New Level of Madness

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Some Syrians I know complain that the world doesn’t pay attention to Syria. I don’t agree on this. Having worked with humanitarian aid, I can recount plenty of conflicts that goes on in the world that has less international attention in media and social media, even almost non-existent.

In DRC, large areas have never been under government control, and the way the different rebel groups are performing massacres has escalated into a race to the bottom, where they try to surpass each other.

In Pakistan, the deserted tribal area FATA has seen an increase in human rights violations not only from the Taliban but also from the counterattacks of the military.

In Egypt, criminal groups are kidnapping and torturing Eritrean refugees fleeing the brutal Eritrean regime for ransoms of money.

How many people would know the details of these conflicts? Hands up, please.

Syria is quite well covered in the…

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3 thoughts on “Syria and the New Level of Madness”

    1. Hello Norman thanks for your comment. I think the activist, without being 100% sure, just trying to compare thinks before and after without putting the blame on someone .For me, there are a lot of factors that explain what is happening today there but most of all contradictory interests of US, Assad’s, Turkey, Russia, Iran, UK,Saudi Arabia etc , Syria is the battlefield for all battles of this WWIII “approximately”


    2. Probably is so obvious to mention it. Maybe is an irony as a lot of stories are covered by Western media.


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