Israelis & Palestinians: What do you think of the Kurds?

The responses by Israelis and Palestinians were surprisingly very similar— almost all supported the Kurds. Some supported the creation of a Kurdish state, while others believed that Kurds should work towards a peaceful co-existence within existing national borders.

Some of the interviewees were Israelis who came from Kurdish origins. It is estimated that more than 25,000 Jewish Kurds emigrated from the Kurdish regions to Israel after the Jewish state was created in 1948.



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The Ask Project is a YouTube channel that poses weekly questions to Israelis and Palestinians, and publishes videos with their responses. Founder Corey Gil-Shuster is Canadian-Israeli, and moved to Israel fifteen years ago.

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9 thoughts on “Israelis & Palestinians: What do you think of the Kurds?”

  1. Interesting, but not surprising. They have similar views but very different moral ground on which they base their judgment. Israelis, unless they are leftists, are hypocrites, supporting Kurds on their quest for a free state while suppressing Palestinians by their own state. While Palestinians as people who are oppressed for decades now, logically, support the Kurds since they know what they’re going through, cause they’re in the same situation.

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    1. Thank you for your comment. Indeed, the Palestinians and the Kurds are on their quest for having their own state. But i doubt that such a thing will take place during the next five years… even for more autonomy and human rights for the Palestinians.

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      1. The Kurds have some chance to use this chaos in Syria and Iraq to gain a state. I Turkey it’s getting much worse for them, while I don’t know about Iran. While Palestinians are probably gonna remain in the same condition, case the US and NATO will never stop supporting Israel in their quest for the entire Palestinian land.

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