women iran before revolution

Take a trip back in time to explore the portrayal of Women in Photography of the Middle East before “revolutions” (en/fr)

*La représentation de la femme au Moyen Orient à travers des photos dans les années 1950-1970
  • Libya/Libye
libyan women 1960
Vintage 1963…women celebrate right to vote day, credit: Esther Kofod http://www.estherkofod.com
Libyan Girl Scouts 1960
Libyan Girl Scouts 1960 Credit:Wikimedia
1960 Libya Before Gaddafi regime
Mohamed Nga hosts a party at the Uaddan Hotel, Libya Source: http://www.jehadnga.com/
jewish women libya 1950
Source:The cutting edge news , Libyan Jewish women
  • Egypte, Égypte
égypte université du caire 1959
Egypt Cairo University 1959

egypte femmes egypt

Antigone Costanda
Antigone Costanda; The Second Egyptian woman to win Miss World – London In 1954
1964 beach egypt
1964 egypt beach
women egypt 1950
Beach-goers in the 1950s
  • Iraq/Irak
in university baghdad 1970
in university baghdad 1970
iraq old photos
Source: Linkedin.com 
saddam school girls 1970
Saddam posing with Iraqi school girls in the 1970s
Baghdad students women 1960
Iraq women 1960
  • Iran
Persian women before islamic revolution
Persian women before  the islamic revolution
women iran before revolution
  • iranian women before revolution
Iran fashion 1970
Iran fashion in the 1970s
iran 1970 2012
iran 1970 2012 women


Afghanistan 1960
Afghanistan 1960
Afghanistan women 1970
Student fashion in pre-war Afghanistan – 1970s

afghanistan women 1960

What happened? Qu’est ce qui s‘est passé?

For instance, in Iran. As it was recorded, the rogue states  United States  and United Kingdom  destroyed the Iranian democracy (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/… ) and planted the seeds of the Islamic Revolution. True, the Shah was not good for the country but the Islamic regime is even worse. Iran belongs among the civilized countries of the world. I just think we should be honest and always remember when, how and by whom Iran was kicked out of that club.

The revolutionary regime of Iran means 37 years of stoning adulterers, amputation of limbs, criminalizing all music types except classical, 100 lashes for drinking alcohol. But the rogue states will never learn from their history because oil and money come comes but as people are far we can built walls and protect ourselves from tha chaos we have created.


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