Aleppo,a “dead” city, the latest videos

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    1. What has left behind this war cannot be described. Is the worst war i’ve heard of since the WWII with all the atrocities.

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  1. It is a shame that the conflict has developed into such an extreme humanitarian crisis. Unfortunately, the rise of anti-government rebel and terrorist groups paired with the efforts of the Syrian government to regain control of rebel-held territories has transformed Syria into an arena used to stage the game of great power politics. Russia, Iran, the EU and the US are just a few international actors who joined al-Assad and the rebels in this game. One fact is certain, in reality the loosing party is non of the mentioned. Instead, it is the population of the country itself.
    Great Blog! I enjoy reading your posts.

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    1. Thank you for your comment. I try to be objective sometimes is difficult with all the propaganda around. But when people are losing their lives objectivity is replaced by anger. I feel anger. And honestly i don’t know if the opposition or Assad is better for Syria. Hope they will find a solution and will not finish as the Palestinian issue…


      1. I agree. Being objective helps in putting facts out there and producing valuable analyses. However, when following the international media coverage on Syria, I feel like people have long given up on objectivity. And yes, let’s hope that politics can mitigate the conflict and its consequences sooner than later. Trying to solve another intractable conflict, parallel to the Israel-Palestinian conflict, would be quite a challenge. Especially considering the currently apparent rise of nationalism around the world.

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