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The Netherlands welcomes Trump in his own words//Quand les Néerlandais présentent les Pays-Bas à Donald Trump

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Le prix de la meilleure réaction à l’investiture de Donald Trump est attribué aux Pays-Bas.
Prouvant une bonne fois pour toutes que les Néerlandais ont de l’humour, la chaîne nop3 a diffusé ce dimanche dans son émission  Zondag met Lubachune vidéo qui devrait « parler » à Donald Trump, selon ses propres mots. Ainsi, imitant avec brio la voix pompeuse du milliardaire, le présentateur a entrepris de présenter les Pays-Bas au nouveau président américain.
Imitant sa manière de parler, Arjen Lubach a également repris les idées chères à Donald Trump. Par exemple, on apprend que les Pays-Bas ont construit un mur gigantesque pour se protéger des eaux venant du Mexique. Le pays regorge également de politiciens handicapés à propos desquels on peut se moquer.

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If there’s one Trump-inspired satire you should absolutely watch, it’s the one at the end of this post. Created by Dutch satirical TV show Zondag earlier this week, the video is a perfect welcome for the newly inaugurated President.

The video was created in a way that would appeal to him, according to what presenter Arjen Lubach says in the clip’s introduction — that’s the Dutch-language part at the beginning of the clip.

A man speaking English with both Trump and Dutch accents introduces the Netherlands to the new American president. The Trump impersonation is perfect. The tone of his voice… the choice of words… they’re all going to remind you instantly of the president and his campaign. And it’s hilarious.

The point of the clip is pretty simple. If Trump is all about “America First,” then the Netherlands should be second. The clip has already gone viral, having been viewed almost 2 million times on YouTube.

Watch it below:

8 thoughts on “The Netherlands welcomes Trump in his own words//Quand les Néerlandais présentent les Pays-Bas à Donald Trump”

  1. I am Dutch and I can keep on laughing about this video every time I see it. Not only because of Trump, but also because he ridicules the Dutch culture. That obviously is not picked up by others than the Dutch themselves. This guy has a great way of in a good and humored way ridiculing the Dutch politics as well. Those politics are just as bad as the American politics and of every country that’s being controlled by the bankers and the multinationals.

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    1. Trump is unpredictable. I wonder who is worse : Erdogan or Trump. The Danish , Germans and Swiss made their “video” as well to welcome Donald Trump based on this.
      Surely we need to laugh sometimes with Donald Trump because he’s completely out of his mind. Psychiatrists say so… not just me:)


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