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United States and its unique Worldwide War Propaganda Machine : the Dollar

  • Firstly published: October 2016

The main aspect of these USA elections was not elections, but war according to the controversial Russian political scientist Alexander Dugin who has close ties with the Kremlin and the Russian military.  For him, the recent attack of US coalition on Deir Ezzor Syrian government targets, backed by Russia and which helped ISIS to advance in the area, has led to reach a  pro-war climax. Yet, the financial system of these two countries depends one another in such a way that going to war now makes it impossible for both US and Russia. But propaganda always motivates elections and boosts the army industry.

Of course Russia and the United States both caused the death of a lot of civilians in Syria and this war seems that it has no issue or outcome for the time being.

In what has become an old fashioned USA mass propaganda, ex -US President Barack Obama, Presidential pro-war candidate Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party and what seems the entire political establishment in power, have united to undermine Putin’s image in such a way that  the USA citizens to be prepared for war with Russia.

Politico, July 25th, published an article explaining Why Putin Hates Hillary , as a title, where they forgot to put a “should”or a “probably”. Only  from the title is provided the feeling that the whole world now is into a new cold-war era and that the phase of a new real war is not far. The Times of London joined the effort to demonize Putin with several anti Russian articles over the weekend including “Putin’s Information War” which ran on July 30th followed by “Inside Putin’s Info War on America’ in the Wall Street Journal on July 31st.

However, what is the best way of ensuring that this system has organized chaos enough  in such a way in order to win elections?  In addition, the current government would like to put as such as possible  insurmountable obstacles to Mr Trump in case he wins  the presidential elections (Note: We don’t support Mr Trump in any way).

But what is mass propaganda and organized chaos?  Edward Bernays the “Father of Public Relations” explain us this method:

The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. 

 There are invisible rulers who control the destinies of millions. It is not generally realized to what extent the words and actions of our most influential public men are dictated by shrewd persons operating behind the scenes. 

Nor, what is still more important, the extent to which our thoughts and habits are modified by authorities. Read: Mass Psychology and Propaganda in Politics

For  Eric Daltser of Mintpressnews, the Clinton campaign is trading in the worst forms of chauvinism, paranoia, and conspiracy theory in an attempt to deflect attention away from the rapidly expanding dumpster fires that are the series of scandals plaguing her White House bid.

  • Why Russia is designed as the  enemy number one right now? 

Worldwide oil transactions are counted in dollars ($$$). Russia announced that it leaves the Dollar based monetary system and adopts a system of Sovereign Currency (DailyBell.Com). In 2011 Putin announced plans to create a new rival system, based on the ruble, that will rival the dollar based system. This may mean that the US will no longer be able to live in debt and create perpetual war, given it will have less buyers of its treasury bonds. Within two years while crude oil lost the half of its value today and the ruble exchange rate to US dollar is trading  at half  of its original value two years before.

Let’s explain the free market world and the relation between  oil prices, dollar and the ruble values. This year the ruble slumped to an all-time low as oil’s retreat choked revenue of the world’s largest energy exporter and restricted Russia’s ability to lift its economy out of a recession.The petrodollars that underpin Russia’s national budget are evaporating.

  • What caused this slump?

Mainly the expanded shale oil and gas discoveries in the United States that made Saudi Arabia competiting with the US who is the biggest energy producer in the world. Offer is huge, therefore prices are falling, crises appear as those in Venezuela and in a smaller degree in Algeria, Angola and other energy exporters.

Again the United States energy policy is backfiring its own environment and economy.

usd per 1 rub
USD per 1 RUB , caption :xe.Com

Russia exports its oil to the international markets, and these transactions are paid in dollars which, in turn, flow into the Russian economy and from thre into the stock exchange market – so the same amount of dollars is flowing to Russia through its oil companies and goes in stocks for the whole russian economy. Within Russia no payments are made in dollars but in rubles.

crude oil prices september 2016

Then these dollars are returned to the US, where they are exchanged into US government’s bonds ,highly fluid, as these bonds pay interests while gold is not (national bank reserves in gold don’t pay interests)- which means that all the dollars sum exchanged on the planet is equal to the liabilities of the United States.

national debt of the united states of gdp%
Enter a caption

In other worlds, the 20$ trillion that the US has  today,  is money that they  have not earned by the US, but have already  been consumed – which is not produced  by the US  employees, but by the US  financial system that dominates across the globe. For that reason, Russia cannot create enough money it wishes for the whole economy’s needs but  it must import dollars. For 63 rubles today Russia must import 1 dollar (current exchange rate approximately)

The independance of Russia from dollar only is one and  good reason for Hillary and her capitalists/ imperialist friend she represents (as George Soros etc….) to consider the  Mr Putin as the public enemy number one in the West. That’s the principal reason why Clinton talks recently about “Russian aggression”. Nowadays, Putin is the only powerful leader who refuses to accept the US economic and military leadership in his country and he has an overwhelming people’s majority to apply his own rules. Russia is not following in detail the rules made by the US of aggression as the EU!  Nor Putin is not the most democratic leader  we have seen so far in this world…

Hillary Putin

Photo Source -Credit: @Flickr 

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    1. Really good article. I personally believe that soon the dollar will be replaced but not by the rubble. When the US backs out of Syria I believe that will be the last straw for the Saudi government and they will except China’s offer to start only excepting the yuan as payment for their oil, dumping the dollar. This will change the world economic system just as you say but China will be the biggest world player, Russia second and the US maybe third, if they are lucky they will be third. This is just my thoughts, it is not divine intervention.

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      1. Thank you for your comment and the reblog is always appreciated . Have a nice afternoon


  1. I supported Hillary Clinton and don’t believe she was such a bad candidate. She is a strong woman trying to protect our nation from going back to being what it was in earlier Bush days. In case of confusion, just worried you may think when I “like” your post it is to say I respect your right to an opinion. Sincerely Robin

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    1. I believe it was a bad choice for Democrats. I was afraid to see Hillary winning after her stance regarding Russia or Libya but i preferred her from Trump for obvious reasons.
      I didn’t expect to see Trump to win to be honest. Trump is not a good choice for the US and will never be. Besides, this analysis was posted just before the elections in the US and when i compare it to what us happening now i’m not sure that Trump will change the US policy regarding Russia or Middle East. Plus, i was expecting to see Sanders as a candidate than Hillary as she left her post 1-2 years ago. Of course, i know that this post was controversial but that was my opinion at that moment.


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