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Very often we like to present through this blog some exhibitions and events. This month we present you the upcoming Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con taking place this month (from June 23rd to 25th) at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Hall C1, with the best and brightest in comic book and pop entertainment. As usual, thousands of comic book fans will descend upon Las Vegas for the fifth-annual Amazing Las Vegas Comic Convention. The Amazing Comic Con can be daunting for those who have never been.

This annual convention will take place at Las Vegas Convention Center June 23-25, 2017, and will feature a show floor packed with more than 100 exhibitors, an exciting artist alley with more than 200 artists, and autograph sessions, which will give fans access to some of their favorite comic book creators. Who will be there?

Amazing Comic-Con Guide for First-Time Attendees and not only

It is true the majority of the many thousands of attendees at the Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con are fans  who already know the various nuances of surviving the madness that is the premiere Pop Culture Event in the United States and of course with thousands of people coming from abroad. Nonetheless, if you’re new to Comic-Con here are a few guidelines to follow to guarantee first-time greatness.

  • Do It for the Experience and make friends

Amazing Las Vegas Comic-Con is three days of panels, parties and demonstrations on the floor. The very first thing we suggest doing is deciding what you want to do while you are in Las Vegas, because you will have to make some difficult decisions when panels start to overlap. You should take your time to make friends and chilling in line a thing that  is not so bad and can even be fun in its own way.

  • Dress comfortably especially wear confortable shoes

Comic-Con is a special event and is not holidays. No matter what you’re doing, there will be lots of stuff to see and lots of places to go.If you are dressing up, then you’re probably expecting to be a bit uncomfortable while you’re there. If you’re just dressing normal, then we urge you to wear comfortable shoes as you’ll be walking and standing for hours and hours and hours.

  •  Comic Con means that you may have to wait for a while to get into a panel.

Fans from all over the world are all trying to get into the same panel, which means you’ll have to get up early to get in line as you’ll be waiting for a while. However, at the Las Vegas Comic Con lines are not so long.

  • Bring hand sanitizer and water

There will be a lot of attendees and everyone will touch the railings on the escalators and the swag on the tables, spreading their summer colds and post-apocalyptic diseases. Therefore, you should Wash your hands as often as possible and apply copious amounts of hand sanitizer. Additionally you should wear deodorant. Deodorant is a life saver and you can even find it at dollar stores. Remember, just because you’re on “vacation” doesn’t mean good hygiene goes out the window.

  • Don’t record anything you’re not supposed to record and Ask before touching

Just because someone is dressed up as your favorite movie/TV character does not automatically give you the right to touch them or even take their photo. Be sure to ask, most people in costume are cool about posing for photos if you ask. Moreover during the moment they show footage or trailers and they tell you to put your phones down, do not disobey. Just watch the trailer that nobody else gets to see and enjoy the moment!

  • Be brief and be cool in Autograph Alley.

Autograph Alley is where comics writers and artists, filmmakers and movie and TV stars gather to, well, sign autographs. It’s always nice to tell someone how much you admire their work, but be quick and patient.

  • If your phone has a camera, don’t forget your phone. Why not a power bank also!

You don’t have to be a professional photographer or a photoshop “freak” to capture great moments during conventions. You never know who you will run into, whether it be a favorite artist, writer or, if you’re at Amazing Las Vegas Comic-Con, a “celebrity”.Never head to a convention without your phone. Whether you’re going for work or just for fun, you will need it. As cellphone batteries die quickly when you’re updating from the convention hall we could suggest bringing back-up batteries. At the very least, have your charger on hand.

  • Activities and exhibits

Stan Lee, creator of the Marvel Universe will attend this event. Stan has been slowly backing down the number of con appearances, this could be one of your last chances to the legend. will be attending the 2017 event June 23-24-25 at the Las Vegas Comic Convention.  He will be headlining a top list of creators which include Rob Liefeld, Todd McFarlane, Kevin Eastman, George Perez, Gerry Conway, and Many more.

“STAN LEE is the gold standard of comic con guests”, says Convention Organizer, Jimmy S. Jay.  “Not only has Stan co-created the Marvel Universe with Spider-Man, Avengers, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, X-Men and dozens more but his iconic face and personality are just as well known as his creations, recognizable by millions of fans around the globe”.

Legendary stars of the hit series- ADAM WEST and BURT WARD make the FINAL PUBLIC APPEARANCE in LAS VEGAS at the 2017 Amazing Comic Con. Batman And Robin TV program from 1966 brought the Caped Crusader and DC Comics into the American household. The show was so popular with its camp elements, humor, and music that a movie hit the theatre after the first season.  More than 50 years later, fans still are energized.

-The creator of Cable and Deadpool, Rob Liefeld will be signing at Amazing Las Vegas and presumably be putting on one of his can’t miss panels.

– Veronica Taylor who is a classically trained actor  known for her roles of Ash and May on POKEMON, Aprile O’Neil on TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES, Sailor Pluto from SAILOR MOON, and many other favorites including many other Anime and Video game credits will attend also this event.

Find a full list of Guests including Todd McFarlane on Amazing Comic Con Las Vegas Guest list. You should also check out Las Vegas travel deals page for the best flight and hotel packages! This could work as a great source for those attending this event.

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