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Incredible!! See Pictures Of Camp ISIS Setup In Europe

Metro Parrot

Islamic State fighters seem to have established a stronghold in mainland Europe, according to an investigation by Sunday Mirror.

The Terrorists appear to be  secretly buying land in an isolated village, surrounded by deep woodland.

Security services think the area in the country of Bosnia is used for ISIS training camps and could be a base for devastating terror attacks on the West.

Crucially, the location gives IS a key strategic position due to its proximity to the Mediterranean which is used by extremists from Syria, Iraq and North Africa.
At least 12 ISIS fighters trained in the village of Osve have left for Syria in recent months and five are reported to have been killed.

Terror expert Dzevad Galijasevic said: “From this village a large number of people went to Syria and are going constantly.

Isolated: The ISIS stronghold in Osve, Bosnia
“The chosen location of some of the…

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