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How Art Therapy Is Being Used to Help Syrian Children in Lebanon

The U.N. estimates that there are 95,000 Syrian children in Lebanon who have been traumatized by the conflict, which has diminished their learning abilities.

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    Original post from The Nation

    ‘………………By  John Knefel

    Ninety-five thousand Syrian children in Lebanon have been traumatized by the conflict—can painting help them?

    (John Knefel) (John Knefel)

    BARJA, LEBANON–Anita Toutikian stands alone in a bare-bones classroom, huddled over a table covered in art supplies. She carefully arranges paint bottles and brushes, and sets out a sleeve of plastic cups for pallets.

    In a few minutes, 22 students, five of whom are Syrian refugees, will burst into this room for a two-hour art therapy session. Toutikian, a working artist and a clinical psychologist, is there to help alleviate tensions between the refugees and their Lebanese classmates. According to the UN, at least 1.3 million Syrians refugees are currently living in Lebanon, which has led to a crisis-level strain on resources that impacts virtually every facet of society – and education is no different. This is the second time Toutikian has come to…

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    The shocking and provocative crucified kids photos by Erik Ravelo puts the finger at the catholic church and at the american army industry among others (FR/EN post)

    Cette image fait le buzz en ce moment sur les réseaux sociaux (et pour cause) :
    – La première concerne la pédophilie dans les églises
    – La deuxième concerne le tourisme sexuel infantile en Thaïlande
    – La troisième concerne la guerre en Syrie
    – La quatrième concerne le marché noir des organes vitaux ou les enfants sont les premières victimes
    – La cinquième concerne la culture des armes aux États Unis
    – La dernière concerne l’obésité infantile causée par l’industrie agro-alimentaire

    erik ravelo cross
    Erik Ravelo Crucified photos source: Twitter


    A CUBAN artist’s controversial photographs of children being hung from crosses has landed him in hot water.

    Erik Ravelo took a series of photos of children hung like Jesus from a cross, but in the place of the cross were soldiers, surgeons, priests and Ronald McDonald.
    The images refer to pedophilia in the Vatican, child sex tourism in Thailand, the war in Syria, the trafficking of black market organs “donated” by children in the third world and obesity.
    The project, titled Los Intocables (The Untouchables), was designed to make a point about the state of childhood globally, Ravelo told
    Many Facebook users have left comments on Ravelo’s Facebook page complaining of the images being pornographic, despite the fact the children are at least partially clothed.
    Facebook has also tried to have the images removed from his page, and have it shut down, but the artist and his users keep reporting the photos.

    A Christian, Ravelo says the religious icon of Jesus on the Cross does not belong to any one person or group.

    “The religious icon is not someone’s else religious icon,” he said. “It’s my icon too, it’s my culture, it’s my education, it’s the way I was taught to communicate. So, in any case I’m talking about me too.
    “I still don’t understand why some people are mad at me, but they’re not mad about those problems. Some people get offended by the photos but not by the problems the photos wants to talk about.

    – The first one concerns the pedophilia in churches.
    – The second concerns the infantile sex tourism in Thailand
    – The third concerns the war in Syria:The soldier has a Syrian flag on his helmet, so this must be about the Syrian Civil war.
    – The fourth concerns the black market of the vital organs where the children are the first victims
    – The fifth concerns the culture of weapons in the United States.
    – The last one concerns the child obesity caused by the food-processing industry.

    erik ravelo cross photos 1

    Erik Ravelo official website

    BREAKING: ISIS Beheading Palestinians Inside Recently Seized Yarmouk Refugee Camp in Damascus

    Français: Environ 2 000 personnes ont été évacuées du camp palestinien de Yarmouk, dans le sud de Damas, à la suite de l’avancée des djihadistes de l’organisation Etat islamique (EI), a affirmé dimanche 5 avril un responsable de l’Organisation de libération de la Palestine (OLP).

    Quelque 400 familles « ont pu quitter vendredi et samedi le camp à partir de deux routes sécurisées vers le quartier limitrophe de Zahira, tenu par l’armée syrienne, où des abris ont été installés », a expliqué Anouar Abdel Hadi à l’Agence France-Presse. Selon lui, 25 blessés ont été transportés vers l’hôpital national de Damas et vers l’hôpital Jaffa à Mazzé.


    L’EI a lancé mercredi une offensive sur le camp, à partir du quartier limitrophe d’Hajar Aswad, avec l’aide des djihadistes du Front Al-Nosra, la branche syrienne d’Al-Qaida, selon l’Observatoire syrien des droits de l’homme (OSDH). L’EI contrôle le centre, le sud et l’ouest du camp, tandis que les forces palestiniennes d’Aknaf Beit Al-Maqdess, proches du mouvement islamiste Hamas, sont présentes dans le nord et l’est, selon le responsable de l’OLP.

    Le camp de réfugiés palestiniens, qui compte encore quelque 18 000 habitants et est situé à environ 7 km du centre de la capitale syrienne, est assiégé depuis plus d’un an par l’armée. Au moins 26 personnes sont mortes dans les violences depuis mercredi, selon l’OSDH, qui précise que cela incluait les civils, les djihadistes de l’EI et les combattants palestiniens.

    Par ailleurs, selon l’OSDH, l’aviation syrienne a largué 13 barils explosifs sur le camp dans la nuit de samedi à dimanche et les combats se poursuivent.

    image source: Twitter