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Betting on Zero: Herbalife, a major pyramid scam scheme?

Betting on Zero is a 2016 American documentary directed by Ted Braun. It investigates the allegation that Herbalife is a pyramid scheme, and follows Bill Ackman’s short investment in Herbalife, which is ostensibly a billion-dollar bet that the company will soon collapse.It reveals the ugly side of Herbalife and also other pyramids schemes…

It’s saddening that it hurts the poor and the Hispanic immigrants in the US who believe they can accomplish the American dream but at the end they end up being lied.

FR/Ce documentaire explore le fonctionnement nébuleux d’Herbalife, une société spécialisée dans les compléments alimentaires accusée de pratiquer la vente pyramidale. lien en français: NETFLIX

From ‘Darfur Now’ writer/director Ted Braun comes a riveting docu-thriller following controversial hedge fund titan Bill Ackman as he puts a billion dollars on the line in his crusade to expose Herbalife as the largest pyramid scheme in history. Herbalife claims Ackman is simply a market manipulator out to make a fortune from short-selling their stock, but Ackman insists Herbalife deliberately targets low-income and immigrant communities and robs them of their life savings. Herbalife is joined on the counterattack by longtime Ackman nemesis (and fellow Wall Street billionaire) Carl Icahn, while Ackman finds an unlikely ally in Chicago activist Julie Contreras, who rallies the Latino community to get the Federal government to intervene. Blending tales of high-stakes corporate intrigue with working-class people caught in the crossfire, Braun paints a stirring picture of the American Dream gone wrong.

The documentary follows billionaire hedge fund titan Bill Ackman and several former Herbalife distributors after Ackman takes a billion dollar short position in Herbalife, alleging it is a pyramid scheme destined to collapse. The film also chronicles Ackman’s feuds with Herbalife CEO Michael Johnson and investor Carl Icahn, and the resulting controversy over both the short and Herbalife’s business practices. Continue reading Betting on Zero: Herbalife, a major pyramid scam scheme?

The curious case of Emmanuel Macron’s victory and the end of our time #illuminati #antichrist

Il faut dire que la blague était aussi tentante que la perche du maître-nageur quand tu buvais la tasse dans le grand bain, Marine Benoit de

The pro-EU centrist Emmanuel Macron has vowed to unite a divided and fractured France after winning a decisive victory over the far-right Front National candidate Marine Le Pen in the country’s presidential election.

Macron, 39, a former economy minister who ran as a “neither left nor right” independent promising to shake up the French political system, took 66.06% (OMG 666!!!) to Le Pen’s 34%.

emmanuel macron illuminati

His victory was hailed by his supporters as holding back a tide of populism after the Brexit vote and Donald Trump’s victory in the US election.This was the sixth European election in a row where a nationalist candidate received more votes than polls predicted; it’s almost as if racist people don’t want to admit they’re racist but also don’t want to stop being racist. It is also rather frightening how normalized Le Pen’s party has become in only 15 years. In 2002, when Marine Le Pen’s openly anti-semitic father Jean-Marie Le Pen received 17% of the first round vote, over one million French citizens took to the streets in protest. And now, when his daughter received an even larger percentage of votes, protests have been far less vocal and widespread.

But everything you read on the Guardian is wrong before visiting this blog! These are fake news or alternative facts and just we can provide with the real news. Therefore, for the lovers of conspiracy theories for whom we have just made our“Reasonably exhaustive” research  Emmanuel Macron’s campaign slogan is ‘En Marche‘, which when translated to English means ‘Move On’.

illuminati macron

Just like the name of the Soros-sponsored His campaign received huge financial assistance from globalist George Soros (the real antichrist of global elite). New French president Emmanuel Macron was trained in the Jesuit school system. Google and Facebook used Soros-funded groups to “help the French electorate make sense of what and who to trust” before casting their votes. (Source: conspiracy theories site which i have to link back)

As he launched with a vibrant and almost broken voice  his presidential victory speech on Sunday the 7th of May,  the 39-year-old president appeared on the  television with the glass structure that framed him.

Thousands of flag-waving supporters gave Macron a rapturous welcome Sunday as he strode into the courtyard of the Louvre museum to the strains of the European anthem after his decisive win.The glass pyramid in the world-famous courtyard glowed golden as Macron made a solitary walk to a stage in front, looking solemn.

Designed by architect Ieoh Ming Pei at the request of François Mitterrand in July 1983, the pyramid stands in the middle of the world’s largest museum, a symbol of modernity.

But not only. As the Internet users enjoyed in the evening, the geometric figure is also one of the emblems of the Illuminati, that secret society that would have infiltrated governments and big companies to rule the world without the knowledge of all, according to lovers of Conspiracy theories.

illumunati macron

Seeing Macron in front of a pyramid, surmounted by a light similar to the eye that overlooks the so-called illuminati pyramid, had enough to awaken the worst fears of the complotists, as many Twitter users mocked while others Seemed to believe:

Opinion: So Who Annexed the Crimean Peninsula Then?

russia crimea

Due to the international media’s continued claims about the «annexation of Crimea», it’s been difficult for the citizens of the US and Europe to make sense of the details of the peninsula’s recent history. Exactly three years ago, on March 16, 2014, the Crimeans were offered a choice: to rejoin Russia or to return to the constitution of 1992 that proclaimed Crimea a legal, democratic, secular state whose relationship with Ukraine was based on bilateral agreements. That constitution was unilaterally abolished by Kiev on March 17, 1995, and here’s what’s surprising: no one at that time in the West demanded that the Ukrainian government stop violating the provisions of international law and the rights of the inhabitants of the Crimean peninsula. And then in 1995, special ops forces from the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) and the Armed Forces of Ukraine (ZSU) landed in Crimea and Sevastopol in order to establish «Ukrainian law and order», seizing the building housing the Supreme Council of the republic, where the administration of the acting president of Crimea, Yuriy Meshkov, was also headquartered, and demanding that he be turned over. Since Meshkov refused to vacate his office, they tried to poison him. Much later he described how his drink had been poisoned, and that later in the hospital he was refused proper medical care. Only an emergency evacuation to Moscow miraculously saved his life. Continue reading Opinion: So Who Annexed the Crimean Peninsula Then?

United States and its unique Worldwide War Propaganda Machine : the Dollar

  • Firstly published: October 2016

The main aspect of these USA elections was not elections, but war according to the controversial Russian political scientist Alexander Dugin who has close ties with the Kremlin and the Russian military.  For him, the recent attack of US coalition on Deir Ezzor Syrian government targets, backed by Russia and which helped ISIS to advance in the area, has led to reach a  pro-war climax. Yet, the financial system of these two countries depends one another in such a way that going to war now makes it impossible for both US and Russia. But propaganda always motivates elections and boosts the army industry.

Of course Russia and the United States both caused the death of a lot of civilians in Syria and this war seems that it has no issue or outcome for the time being.

Continue reading United States and its unique Worldwide War Propaganda Machine : the Dollar