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Searching for the Queen of Sheba – Yemen (Reine de Saba)

Thought by many to be the historic home of the Queen of Sheba, Yemen is one of the great jewels of human antiquity, with a legacy of magnificent temples, water-management projects and towering cities dating back thousands of years. This cultural wealth is not limited to ancient sites: Three of Yemen’s cities are on the Unesco World Heritage list for their breathtaking vernacular architecture.

Yemen is central to the story of mankind: Sixty thousand years ago, early man walked through Yemen along the Bab al-Mandab, one of the major out-of-Africa routes that Homo sapiens took to colonize Eurasia. Archaeologists  have found the remnants of prehistoric cultures that navigated the Red and Arabian Seas 8,000 years ago; these early travelers and traders left behind impressive megaliths.

queen of sheba visit to solomon
The visit of the Queen of Sheba to King Solomon Source: Public Domain


 La reine de Saba était la souveraine d’une ville située quelque part en Ethiopie ou au Yemen, Selon les sources, elle apparait comme une très belle reine douée d’une grande sagesse ou bien comme une attirante magicienne.

Le Yémen, pensé par beaucoup d’ être la maison historique de la reine de Saba,  est un des grands bijoux d’antiquité humaine, avec un héritage de temples magnifiques, des projets de gestion de l’eau et des villes imposantes remontant aux milliers d’années. Cette richesse  culturelle n’est pas limitée aux sites antiques : Trois des villes du Yémen sont dans la liste de patrimoine mondial de l’Unesco pour leur architecture vernaculaire à couper le souffle.

On estime qu’il y a soixante mille ans, le premier homme a marché au Yémen le long de Bab Al-Mandab, un des parcours  de-Afrique majeurs auxquels l’Homo sapiens a emprunté pour  coloniser l’Eurasie.

  • Photos/Pictures of Unesco Sites in Yemen:

Old walled city of Shibam/L’ancienne ville de Shibam et son mur d’enceinte-//Crédit: @Flickr

old walled city of shibam
  • Sana’a


  • Zabid


Pmd town of zabid

Mr. Kerry, You Are Such A Liar

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It is nothing new that politicians are mostly liars and full of crap….but recently the king liar award goes to our Sec of State, John Kerry.

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes interviewed John Kerry about the Saudis war on Yemen.  He mentioned the recent belated decision to block the transfer of cluster bombs to the Saudis, and pressed Kerry on why the U.S. was arming the Saudis. Kerry’s answer is notable for its repetition of a shamelessly pro-Saudi line:

Saudi Arabia was literally threatened by virtue of the Houthi placing missiles along the Saudi border aimed at Saudi Arabia, and there were cross-border incidents taking place in a way that threatened Saudi Arabia. And they together with other countries and ourselves felt that it was important…and so there was a reason for a coalition to respond to that.

It is very important to understand that what Kerry said here isn’t true. This…

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