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Opinion: So Who Annexed the Crimean Peninsula Then?

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Due to the international media’s continued claims about the «annexation of Crimea», it’s been difficult for the citizens of the US and Europe to make sense of the details of the peninsula’s recent history. Exactly three years ago, on March 16, 2014, the Crimeans were offered a choice: to rejoin Russia or to return to the constitution of 1992 that proclaimed Crimea a legal, democratic, secular state whose relationship with Ukraine was based on bilateral agreements. That constitution was unilaterally abolished by Kiev on March 17, 1995, and here’s what’s surprising: no one at that time in the West demanded that the Ukrainian government stop violating the provisions of international law and the rights of the inhabitants of the Crimean peninsula. And then in 1995, special ops forces from the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) and the Armed Forces of Ukraine (ZSU) landed in Crimea and Sevastopol in order to establish «Ukrainian law and order», seizing the building housing the Supreme Council of the republic, where the administration of the acting president of Crimea, Yuriy Meshkov, was also headquartered, and demanding that he be turned over. Since Meshkov refused to vacate his office, they tried to poison him. Much later he described how his drink had been poisoned, and that later in the hospital he was refused proper medical care. Only an emergency evacuation to Moscow miraculously saved his life. Continue reading Opinion: So Who Annexed the Crimean Peninsula Then?

United States and its unique Worldwide War Propaganda Machine : the Dollar

  • Firstly published: October 2016

The main aspect of these USA elections was not elections, but war according to the controversial Russian political scientist Alexander Dugin who has close ties with the Kremlin and the Russian military.  For him, the recent attack of US coalition on Deir Ezzor Syrian government targets, backed by Russia and which helped ISIS to advance in the area, has led to reach a  pro-war climax. Yet, the financial system of these two countries depends one another in such a way that going to war now makes it impossible for both US and Russia. But propaganda always motivates elections and boosts the army industry.

Of course Russia and the United States both caused the death of a lot of civilians in Syria and this war seems that it has no issue or outcome for the time being.

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Gee, Why Is Russia So Paranoid?

In Saner Thought

There is much talk these days that Russia is just being paranoid….that NATO and the USA does not have any intentions of starting a new Cold War….

I had try to explain a little history of Russia to help my readers try to grasp their thinking….

Source: “A Paranoid Russia” – In Saner Thought

Then the most recent build up in Eastern Europe of US armor……

Source: The Return of “Heavy Metal” | Ace News Room

Then more recent news of US troops moved to the Russia border in Norway…..

Tensions are already on the rise between the US and Russia over massive US deployments in Germany for a training exercise marching east toward Russia. A force of US Marines are now heading to Trondheim, Norway for another deployment along the Russian border.

Russia is none too happy, again, both annoyed at the US for deployment yet more troops…

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Teenage girls shock Russians by posting videos of their torture & killing of domestic animals (EN/FR)

Two Russian teenagers from the Far Eastern city of Khabarovsk have sent internet users into complete shock by posting brutal online content showing how they tortured and killed cats and dogs they took from animal shelters.

The girls posted images and videos online showing the various instruments of torture they used on the animals, including baseball bats, chemical liquids, tongs, and ropes.

Internet users found the place where the girls had carried out their bone-chilling slaughter – an abandoned crematorium in Khabarovsk.

What people found most striking and horrifying, were the cold-blooded conversations between the murdering duo, Alina and Kristina, in which they discussed which victims to kill and what weapons to use in torturing them. One screen shot shows a comment from one of the girls suggesting that they should start killing humans too.

An online petition urging that the perpetrators be found and punished got the police involved. It is a criminal offence to torture animals in Russia.

One of the girls, 16, has been detained by police after she tried to board a flight to Saint Petersburg.

Olga Potapova, deputy minister for social development in the Novosibirsk region, confirmed the teenager had been detained.


Deux adolescentes russes de la ville d’Extrême-Orient de Khabarovsk ont envoyé aux internautes des ondes de choc certainement en mettant en ligne le contenu brutal qui montre comment ils ont torturé et tué plusieurs chats et chiens qui ont été pris par des refuges pour animaux.

Les filles ont mis en ligne des images et des vidéos en exposant les divers instruments de torture qu’ils ont utilisés pour torturer les animaux, y compris des battes de baseball, des liquides chimiques, des pincettes et des cordes.

Les internautes ont trouvé l’endroit où les filles avaient effectué leurs abattages glaciaux et effrayants qu’ili s’agit d’ un crématoire abandonné à Khabarovsk.

Ce qu’on pu trouver comme le plus répugnant et le plus horrible était le contenu des conversations à sang-froid entre le duo d’assassinat, Alina et Kristina, dans lequel elles se décident quel animal elles allaient exécuter et comment et quelle arme utiliser dans la torture que les animaux allaient subir. Une copie d’écran montre un commentaire d’une des filles suggérant qu’elles doivent aussitôt commencer à tuer des humains de ma même manière.

Une pétition en ligne presse que les deux coupables doivent être retrouvés et punis. Torturer des animaux en Russie il s’agit bien d’un délit.

Une des filles, âgée de 16 ans, a été retenue par la police après qu’elle a essayé d’embarquer un avion à déstination de Saint Pétersbourg.