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President Trump & the Paris Agreement

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The Paris Agreement

It may be wise not to look upon President Donald Trump’s defection from the 2015 Paris Agreement (l’Accord de Paris) as a decision dooming our ailing planet. Nor can it be seen as reflecting the will of the citizens of the United States. Climate change remains a major concern for countries around the world, the survival of planet Earth being at stake. If planet Earth dies, we all die. With respect to climate change, action cannot be delayed as we are already seconds before midnight.

Three European Nations React

A mere hour after President Trump announced his decision to withdraw from the Paris Agreement, Italy, Germany, and France stated jointly that the Paris Agreement could not be renegotiated. (See United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, Wikipedia.)


France: a Refuge to American Scientists

Again, a mere hour after Mr Trump’s made his decision public, French President…

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Paris Climate Deal #Cop21 :Probably, this deal was not such an historical one as expected

#COP21 deal :The  historical agreement reached last week cannot be characterised such an historical agreement because all countries , all of them,  did not break their cooperation with the lobbies which destroy our planet.

This deal  offers just the possibility to come out of this irresponsibility without any guarantee that the countries that signed the agreement they will actually reach the targets.Its implementation will start in 2020. Any signatory may withdraw from 2023 .
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