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The Sunrise – Famagusta, Cyprus 1972 – Victoria Hislop

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Famagusta, Cyprus 1972

The Sunrise is the remarkable story of Famagusta.

History comes to life  – Famagusta was once the most desirable resort in the Mediterranean.  A couple are planning to open a luxury hotel such is the desire to enjoy the sun and good fortune that the island is enjoying. Greeks and Cypriots work and live in harmony and life is good.

However elsewhere on the island, life is not so good and in fact many of Famagusta’s  40 000 inhabitants  are those who have escaped the ethnic violence of elsewhere.

With tensions rising as well as the heat, a Greek coup destroys the peace and Turkey invades to protect its people. People are forced from their homes and their lives are in danger. Two families remain. Victoria Hislop tells their story.

Place and setting

The map as seen in the novel The map as seen in the novel

In 1972 Famagusta…

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