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Betting on Zero: Herbalife, a major pyramid scam scheme?

Betting on Zero is a 2016 American documentary directed by Ted Braun. It investigates the allegation that Herbalife is a pyramid scheme, and follows Bill Ackman’s short investment in Herbalife, which is ostensibly a billion-dollar bet that the company will soon collapse.It reveals the ugly side of Herbalife and also other pyramids schemes…

It’s saddening that it hurts the poor and the Hispanic immigrants in the US who believe they can accomplish the American dream but at the end they end up being lied.

FR/Ce documentaire explore le fonctionnement nébuleux d’Herbalife, une société spécialisée dans les compléments alimentaires accusée de pratiquer la vente pyramidale. lien en français: NETFLIX

From ‘Darfur Now’ writer/director Ted Braun comes a riveting docu-thriller following controversial hedge fund titan Bill Ackman as he puts a billion dollars on the line in his crusade to expose Herbalife as the largest pyramid scheme in history. Herbalife claims Ackman is simply a market manipulator out to make a fortune from short-selling their stock, but Ackman insists Herbalife deliberately targets low-income and immigrant communities and robs them of their life savings. Herbalife is joined on the counterattack by longtime Ackman nemesis (and fellow Wall Street billionaire) Carl Icahn, while Ackman finds an unlikely ally in Chicago activist Julie Contreras, who rallies the Latino community to get the Federal government to intervene. Blending tales of high-stakes corporate intrigue with working-class people caught in the crossfire, Braun paints a stirring picture of the American Dream gone wrong. bettingonzeromovie.com

The documentary follows billionaire hedge fund titan Bill Ackman and several former Herbalife distributors after Ackman takes a billion dollar short position in Herbalife, alleging it is a pyramid scheme destined to collapse. The film also chronicles Ackman’s feuds with Herbalife CEO Michael Johnson and investor Carl Icahn, and the resulting controversy over both the short and Herbalife’s business practices. Continue reading Betting on Zero: Herbalife, a major pyramid scam scheme?