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France: Christine Boutin et ses dérapages

Christine Boutin est une farouche opposante à l’égalité des droits pour les couples homosexuels, très proche de la Manif pour tous, le collectif “apolitique” contre le mariage pour tous qui se rapproche des Républicains et du Front national. Il y a une quinzaine d’années, elle combattait déjà le Pacs. Quitte à déraper et être jugée pour “incitation à la haine” envers les homosexuels. Néanmoins, Christine Boutin n’aime pas du tout que l’on porte un jugement sur son mariage avec son cousin germain Louis.

Des décennies qu’elle lutte contre l’avortement, le Pacs ou encore le mariage pour tous. Des années que Christine Boutin multiplie les dérapages, à coups d’interviews ou de post enflammés sur Twitter. Suscitant, souvent, un flot de réactions indignées.

Enfin, pour le deuxième tour, c’est décidé pour Christine! (on n’attendait que ça)! Le 7 mai prochain, la fondatrice du Parti chrétien démocrate glissera un bulletin «Marine Le Pen» dans l’urne. «Ma décision est claire, c’est “pas de Macron”», annonce lundi soir l’ancienne ministre de Nicolas Sarkozy au Figaro. «Macron, ce n’est pas possible», insiste l’ancienne candidate à l’élection présidentielle de 2002. «Emmanuel Macron c’est l’incarnation de tout ce que je n’aime pas, c’est à l’opposé de mes valeurs qui ont rythmé ma vie politique. C’est le libéralisme libertaire, c’est la mondialisation, c’est l’argent, c’est la banque», s’agace l’ex-député des Yvelines.

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France what have you done! Vive la France, vive la République Française!

Centrist Emmanuel Macron and far-right leader Marine Le Pen are set to face each other in a May 7 runoff for the French presidency after coming first and second in Sunday’s first round of voting according to the first results.

In a race that was too close to call up to the last minute, Mr Macron, a pro-European Union ex-banker and economy minister who founded his own party only a year ago, was projected to get 24 percent by the pollster Harris and 23.7 percent by Elabe and Ipsos.

However, the French are not to blame! We saw Marine Le Pen coming or even winning this first round of elections. French people thought the right had failed because there was still high unemployment and more insecurity and social misery in France. Therefore, five years ago when they had a chance to vote for the left, they did. But President François Hollande has turned out to be exactly like former President Nicolas Sarkozy, and nothing has changed for them.

The problem of high unemployement in France has been closely followed by security and the fight against terrorism in the polls and these three are the driving factors for the French vote.

france unemployment rate

A majority of French people share the Front’s view that their country has too many immigrants and should refrain from admitting more. As a result, the French government allowed in only a modest number of refugees from Syria — in notable contrast with Germany. Discussion of the subject has become a political taboo; it has not featured at all during the campaign. Moreover, the party has also helped promote an aggressive form of secularism, one that often stigmatizes Muslims and seeks to regulate their social and cultural freedoms.

Le Pen’s father, Jean-Marie Le Pen, is co-founded the National Front—a party historically composed of immigrant-loathing white nationalists. Jean-Marie is a Holocaust truther who once dismissed Nazi gas chambers as a mere “point of detail of the history of the Second World War,” and said of a Jewish critic: “We’ll put a batch in the oven next time.” Marine, meanwhile, recently downplayed France’s role in the Holocaust, saying, “I don’t think France is responsible for the Vel d’Hiv.” She also claimed that the Nazi-collaborationist Vichy regime “was not France,” adding, “I think that generally speaking if there are people responsible, it’s those who were in power at the time. It’s not France.”

Des militantes Femen tentent de perturber le vote de Marine Le Pen à Hénin-Beaumont

  • English: French Elections: Ms Le Pen voted in Hénin Beaumont, northern France, where topless demonstrators from the Femen activist group were detained before her arrival after jumping out of an SUV limo wearing masks of Le Pen and US President Donald Trump.

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“Marine Le Pen n’en a rien à foutre du quotidien des Français”!

(Languages En/fr:) Le coup de gueule d’Alexis Corbière, porte-parole de Jean-Luc Mélenchon, contre le Front national! 

Alors qu’Anne-Sophie Lapix interrogeait Alexis Corbière lundi 27 mars sur les similitudes des positionnements de Jean-Luc Mélenchon, François Fillon et Marine Le Pen face à la Russie, le porte-parole du candidat de la France Insoumise est revenue sur l’histoire du selfie de la candidate du Front National avec un député antisémite et homophobe. “C’est pas Beyoncé, Marine Le Pen, elle n’a pas à faire des selfies avec n’importe qui”, s’est alors emporté l’ancien secrétaire du Parti de Gauche sur le plateau de C à Vous.

Cette histoire de selfie remonte au vendredi 24 mars. Marine Le Pen, en déplacement en Russie, pose pour un selfie avec le député Vitali Milonov, connu notamment pour avoir rédigé la loi sanctionnant la “propagande homosexuelle”. Repéré par l’essayiste Raphaël Glucksmann, le cliché est ensuite largement dénoncé.

Son blog: Alexis Corbière

  • English:

French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen went to Moscow on Friday and — surprise! — look who she met:

In their meeting Friday Le Pen said the European Union and Russian Federation should work more closely on counter-terrorism to foil potential attacks like this week’s attack near the British Parliament, the Brussels bombings previous year and several terrorist attacks on French soil.

The National Front has previously taken a loan from a Russian bank, but officials from the party and Putin’s spokesman said this trip was not a cash-raising exercise.

Polls suggest Le Pen is running neck-and-neck with independent centrist Emmanuel Macron at about 25 percent. The meeting was a surprise addition to her meeting with Russian lawmakers, which was announced earlier this week.

In 2014, Le Pen’s National Front received a $9.7 million loan from Russian bank FCRB, which had raised concerns over Moscow’s potential influence on her and her party. But last year the bank went bust and since then, the Russian deposit agency has been trying legal ways to recover the bank’s loans. But it’s unclear if Russian officials have specifically discussed the repayment of loans given to National Front with Le Pen.

Putin’s spokesperson also said the two leaders didn’t discuss financing of the party.

Le Pen also managed to run into extremely anti-gay Russian Duma member Vitaly Milonov, who posted a selfie of the two of them to his Facebook page on Friday.

Milonov was the key figure behind Russia’s infamous “Anti-Gay Propaganda” law, which has led to an increased crackdown on LGBT activists, and has railed against gays in general as being “rapists of children.”

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