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The shocking and provocative crucified kids photos by Erik Ravelo puts the finger at the catholic church and at the american army industry among others (FR/EN post)

Cette image fait le buzz en ce moment sur les réseaux sociaux (et pour cause) :
– La première concerne la pédophilie dans les églises
– La deuxième concerne le tourisme sexuel infantile en Thaïlande
– La troisième concerne la guerre en Syrie
– La quatrième concerne le marché noir des organes vitaux ou les enfants sont les premières victimes
– La cinquième concerne la culture des armes aux États Unis
– La dernière concerne l’obésité infantile causée par l’industrie agro-alimentaire

erik ravelo cross
Erik Ravelo Crucified photos source: Twitter


A CUBAN artist’s controversial photographs of children being hung from crosses has landed him in hot water.

Erik Ravelo took a series of photos of children hung like Jesus from a cross, but in the place of the cross were soldiers, surgeons, priests and Ronald McDonald.
The images refer to pedophilia in the Vatican, child sex tourism in Thailand, the war in Syria, the trafficking of black market organs “donated” by children in the third world and obesity.
The project, titled Los Intocables (The Untouchables), was designed to make a point about the state of childhood globally, Ravelo told news.com.au.
Many Facebook users have left comments on Ravelo’s Facebook page complaining of the images being pornographic, despite the fact the children are at least partially clothed.
Facebook has also tried to have the images removed from his page, and have it shut down, but the artist and his users keep reporting the photos.

A Christian, Ravelo says the religious icon of Jesus on the Cross does not belong to any one person or group.

“The religious icon is not someone’s else religious icon,” he said. “It’s my icon too, it’s my culture, it’s my education, it’s the way I was taught to communicate. So, in any case I’m talking about me too.
“I still don’t understand why some people are mad at me, but they’re not mad about those problems. Some people get offended by the photos but not by the problems the photos wants to talk about.

– The first one concerns the pedophilia in churches.
– The second concerns the infantile sex tourism in Thailand
– The third concerns the war in Syria:The soldier has a Syrian flag on his helmet, so this must be about the Syrian Civil war.
– The fourth concerns the black market of the vital organs where the children are the first victims
– The fifth concerns the culture of weapons in the United States.
– The last one concerns the child obesity caused by the food-processing industry.

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Erik Ravelo official website