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Watchtower of… this beautiful world

“Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.” – Andre Gide


  • Capturing landscapes from Samsun to Batumi in Blacksea Region.

  • Directed and edited : Nakeeb Yaghi music performance : Ajabb Din

  • Watchtower of Turkey got nominated Best of Vimeo 2014 and Leonardo Dalessandri, the young Italian filmmaker who made it, got offers from producers all around the world to work with him.

  • This film is an homage to Lebanon and Leonardo Dalessandri’s :Watchtower of Turkey

  • Watchtower of Luxor and Aswan

  • Watchtower of Lisbon: One big city full of light. The unique colors, flavors and smells from a wonderful Lisbon, portrayed and abbreviated in a few days. I could make one hundred videos about this city, which as so much to offer, without repeating myself. Lisbon is and will always be “menina e moça”.


Turkey innovates with a crazy controversial project to build three artificial islands with waste from Istanbul’s new canal (en/ fr post)

According to the Turkish Online Editions of  Yeni Safak and Hurriyet Daily News, the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality announced a project to build three islands for watersports in the Sea of Marmara.

These three islands are an idea of the Turkish President, Recep Erdoğan,  who recently revived the “crazy project” of digging a new canal through Istanbul to relieve shipping pressure on the narrow Bosphorus strait, but now there is a plan to use spoil from the massive excavations to make three islands in the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara.

Three artificial islands will be built in the Marmara Sea and the Black Sea with excavation from the construction of Istanbul’s controversial Kanal Istanbul project, aiming to build a “second Bosphorus“.

Digging the 43-km-long, 25-m-deep, and 400-m-wide canal would produce around 2.7 billion cubic metres of material, and the idea is to build the islands at the northern and southern ends of it to recoup some of the canal’s cost with residential developments, sources told the newspaper Habertürk, according to English-language Hurriyet Daily News.

Rocks from nearby quarries would be used for foundations and sea defences, while soil from the canal will be used as fill.

The artificial islands are planned to be built at the exits of Marmara Sea and the Black Sea, and will be income-generating in order to finance the planned canal. The authorities are also plan to construct residences on the islands. The islands will be adapted for maritime traffic and there will be ports and berthing areas.

The purpose of the canal, aiming to bisect the current European side of Istanbul and thus form an island between the continents of Asia and Europe, is to reduce the load on the Bosphorus: it is planned that the new canal will serve mainly oil tankers. The project was initiated by then-Prime Minister and current Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in 2011.

According to the projects, it is planning to give different names to the islands. The marine traffic for these islands will also be constructed.

It is expected that the deepest point of the canal will be 25 meters, bottom width 120 meters and surface width 140 meters. Expected cost of the project is $10 billion.


Selon les éditions des journaux  turcs comme  Yeni Safak ou encore Hürriyet Daily News, 

À la base, ces trois îles sont l’origine d’une autre idée du Président turc, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, qui a récemment ranimé “ce projet fou” de creuser un nouveau canal à travers la ville d’Istanbul pour désengorger la pression de navigation que le détroit du Bosphore subit en étant actuellement très étroit. Ce projet des trois îles va se construire à partir des restes des fouilles massives sur la mer Noire et la mer du Marmara. Les autorités planent également de construire des résidences sur ces îles. Les îles seront adaptées au trafic maritime et il y aura des zones d’amarrage et des ports.

Ce projet controversé d’un deuxième détroit ou d’un “deuxième Bosphore” qui va traverser les alentours de la ville d’Istanbul a accueilli des nombreuses réactions soit positives soit négatives en Turquie et à l’étranger. 

Ce projet fait partie des grandes infrastructures que le président espère inaugurer pour le centenaire de la République turque.

  • Details and leisures which would be found on these three artificial islands

The three interconnected islands, which are to have a total area of 603,500 square meters, will be built off the Pendik Marina in the Sea of Marmara, adding to Istanbul’s existing 11 islands.

The total coastal length of the islands will be 7,460 meters. There are plans for the islands to have a combination of leisure, entertainment and sports activities.

The plans include a large number of activities such as aquatic sports areas, sailing, boat tours, terraces, recreation and dining areas, parks and cycling trails. Access to the islands will be via a pedestrian suspension bridge, yacht and sled area, cable car station and water taxi.

The first and biggest island, which is planned to be 372,000 square meters, will be a water sports hub. The island will have a beach, water sports club, swimming pool, rafting track, lighthouse, boathouse and a large picnic area.

The first island will be a water sports center, as visitors will be able to partake in sailing, windsurfing, rowing, rafting and beach volleyball. There will also be water polo and underwater sports facilities, such as underwater hockey, underwater rugby and a diving school.

The second island, planned at 125,000 square meters, will house other sporting facilities, such as mini golf; a skate park; climbing walls; basketball, football and tennis courts, hiking and biking trails; and eating and drinking areas.

The third island is designed to accommodate visitors. Tents, restaurants, boat for rent, jogging and cycling tracks, and showgrounds and parks are to fill up the planned area of 106,000 square meters.

The ideal completion for the new canal was set for 2023, the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Turkish republic from the Ottoman Empire.

Sources: Yeni Safak (photo credit), Hurriyet Daily News, Sabah Daily.

#PrayforTurkey – #PrayforEgypt (fr/en)

  • Egypt: A bomb blast has killed at least 25 people during Sunday mass inside a Cairo church near the main Coptic Christian cathedral, according to Egyptian state TV .

The explosion ripped through St Peter’s Church at around 10:00am local time, wounding at least another 35 people, according to Egyptian security officials.

St Peter’s Church is beside St Mark’s Cathedral, which is the seat of Egypt’s Orthodox Christian church and is home to the office of its spiritual leader, Pope Tawadros II.(Source: Reuters/ Aljazeera)


  • Turkey: Turkey declared a national day of mourning Sunday after twin blasts in Istanbul killed 38 people and wounded 155 others near a soccer stadium — the latest large-scale assault to traumatize a nation confronting an array of security threats.

The bombs Saturday night targeted police officers, killing 30 of them along with seven civilians and an unidentified person, Turkey’s Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu told reporters Sunday. He said 13 people had been arrested in connection with the “terrorist attack.”Soylu spoke at funerals for five of the officers and vowed “revenge.”

Nonetheless, the government immediately imposed a broadcast ban on the Besiktas explosion. It is been said that “these news cause the public’s despondency”. Continue reading #PrayforTurkey – #PrayforEgypt (fr/en)

#LGBT lives matter :My name is Hande


My name is Hande. I am a transexual woman who was so unfortunate to live in such an unjust world and struggle in such a country that wanted to oppress my body, to politicize my existence and to silence down my voice.

But I did not allow them to silence me down. Here in this photo I stand firm in last year’s gay pride in Istanbul. I am keeping my head up despite my tearful eyes. My existence is nothing but a resistance to the social and political oppression that surrounds me around.

I am a sex worker, as many trans women are. Although the society has tried to exclude me, despising my way of life, here I stand questioning the sexist discrimination against me, demanding respect for my body.

No more tear gas, water canons, no more prosecutions for me. My smile and tears are all gone now.

I am victim of the praised masculinity that has grown up in this society as a terrible sickness finally making it gangren. I am a victim of your ethical values that serve the political interests of rulers and patriarchs that boiled up the ‘hate’ that burned me alive.

My murder is not a simple murder, it is a political crime. The misogny and transphobia are the beasts that have killed me with cold blood.

Yet, do not you see? You are me and I am you! If you still breath, then how can I really die?

I know the dead bodies can not talk, but my silence becomes the scream of a woman out there, who types those words as she could be me or who takes to the streets with my name between her lips and who has the courage to make her body her shield in her struggle to set herself free.

I know the dead bodies can not talk, but I am you and you are me! And when you hear my silence, then our voice becomes louder!

Text credit :Esra Dogan