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Jérusalem: plongée dans le pouvoir des ultra-othodoxes

De plus en plus, des incidents violents concernant l’armée ou le rôle de la femme dans la société israélienne font craindre des affrontements entre extrémistes religieux et laïques.Des mesures politiques aux effets inattendus ont favorisé l’essor de cette nouvelle forme de judaïsme, à la fois cloîtrée et militante. Continue reading Jérusalem: plongée dans le pouvoir des ultra-othodoxes


In Jerusalem You killed me … and I forgot, like you, to die.

Duma, (West Bank) Palestine late July 2015: An eighteen-month-old Palestinian child, Ali Dawabsheh has been burnt alive in an arson attack by  Jewish extremists, while both his parents died from their injuries within weeks.

From the first day, the Israeli authorities imposed a press embargo on the subject, banning the media from publishing any details or developments related to the investigation. On 31 August 2015, the embargo was extended by a month. 

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Orthodox Christians celebrate across Middle East countries: Photos

At 12 noon on Saturday 11th of April is being celebrated in the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem, the Holy Fire’s touch, which symbolizes the victory of life over death.

αγιο φως ιεροσολυμα

This unique ceremony and also the prerogative of the Orthodox Patriarch of Jerusalem takes place at noon on Holy Saturday.

The church congested by believers and non-Orthodox Christians, thousands of visitors, who under draconian security measures, which will seek to experience near this great miracle of the Resurrection of the Lord when the Holy Sepulchre out the Patriarch of Jerusalem Theophilos III raising hand of the Holy Light to distribute to all.

All those, who waited with contrition in the soul and in the hands, many candles consisting of 33 candles, as many as the years of Jesus, to receive and to transmit.

Orthodox Christians have marked Good Friday in Jerusalem’s Old City by retracing what they believe was the route Jesus Christ took to his crucifixion. .

The Greek-Orthodox Patriarch of Jerusalem performed the traditional “washing of the feet” ceremony outside the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem on Thursday. Orthodox Christians use the Julian calendar, so their Easter celebrations often fall on a different date to the Roman Catholic and Protestant churches, which follow the Gregorian Calendar.

“This is very special for me because I am Orthodox Christian and I have come from the United States,” said tourist
Pauline Snell. “All my life I wanted to come to the Holy Land and I have a opportunity to come this year. And so I am very emotional about being in the actual holy location of Christ’s footsteps.”

In Gaza City, worshipers attended mass in one of just two churches in the Palestinian territory.

The Easter holiday, Sham El-Nessim (smelling the breeze), is also often celebrated by everybody in Egypt not just Christians. Most of the country’s Christians are Coptic Orthodox.

“The best thing about it [Easter] is that it’s something everybody in the country shares,” said Lauret. “Christians and Muslims always celebrate together…this is a holiday that truly unites everybody. We all get the day off.”
Source: euronews.com

Jerusalem: Crossroads of religions

Jerusalem is a 3D film i personally enjoy to watch often as it holds my breathe every time  with its very beautiful screenshots.

JERUSALEM takes audiences on an inspiring and eye-opening tour of one of the world’s oldest and most enigmatic cities. Destroyed and rebuilt countless times over 5,000 years, Jerusalem’s enduring appeal remains a mystery. What made it so important to so many different cultures? How did it become the center of the world for three major religions? Why does it still matter to us?

JERUSALEM attempts to answer these questions by following three young Jerusalemites and their families – Jewish, Christian and Muslim. Through their eyes, audiences will learn what it means to call Jerusalem home and experience celebrations and events that mark the high points of a year in the life of the city.

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