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Israel & the Growth of Nationalism

Nationalism is fine, but it does not justify encroachment on a neighbour’s territory.

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1024px-arch_of_titus_menorahJewish-Roman Wars


Philistines settled in Palestine in the 12th century BCE, which confirms that Palestine had long been a nation (see Palestine, Britannica). After the three Jewish-Roman Wars, fought between 66 CE and 136 CE. Palestine was renamed Syria Palaestina by Roman Emperor Hadrian after he crushed the Bar Kokhba revolt of 132-136, thus named after Simon bar Kokhba (d. 135). The Bar Kokhba revolt is the third of three Jew-Roman wars, but it is sometimes called the second, the Kitos War being omitted.

Jerusalem was renamed Aelia Capitolina and Jews could no longer enter the city.

800px-thumbnailExpulsion of the Jews during the Reign of Hadrian


The concept of nationalism was not new to the 19th century. Traits and circumstances shared by a number of individuals such as language, religion, foklore, location, not to…

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