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#startup: Des Sea Bubbles, une voiture taxi qui va voler au-dessus de la Seine à Paris en 2017 (En/Fr)

  • Venice may have the gondola, but Paris will soon have its own water-based transport fit for the future.

Sea Bubbles are futuristic pods that float on stilts 2ft above the water and can travel up to 30km/h. There are the creation of French yachtsman Alain Thébault and Swedish windsurfer Anders Bringdal and are due to be tried out in the French capital next spring at the request of the environmentally conscious city hall.

Sea Bubbles may help reduce Paris’s road traffic problem. There are a sort of “funny” electic boats held to a standard of “zero emissions, zero waves and zero noise” which rise above the water ensured and performed by the four thin wing structure which remains in contact with the water while moving. Thanks to Thébault’s Hydroptère technology, when the service transports passengers across the water, the vehicle won’t float on the surface like a boat. 


The brainchild of French yachtsman Alain Thébault and Swedish windsurfer Anders Bringdal, the first five prototypes of the Sea Bubbles will arrive on the Seine in 2017, pitched as an environmentally-friendly alternative for commuters.

If the vessels are granted licences to ply their trade on the Seine, the plan is to build specially designed docking stations where passengers can hop on or off and which would also serve as charging stations.

Sea Bubble’s intention, after Paris launch is to spread this mode of transport to cities around the world as New York, Hong-Kong, London or Miami.


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Credit Photo: @SeaBubbles-Alain Thébault



Biofuels… from Prickly Pears

(Fr: Biocarburants produits de figues de barbarie)

Biofuels are a great idea, but making them mostly from corn is a bad idea. Corn is a water-intensive crop, and dedicating hundred of thousands of acres to growing fuel instead of food isn’t the smartest use of resources for a planet that is low on both fresh water and food.There’re a lot of start-ups nowadays which are specialized more and more in clean energy, biomass waste, wind power from photovoltaics etc. We wrote last year about how biofuels from coffee grounds could help to power London or  even how to produce fuel from whisky residues. Continue reading Biofuels… from Prickly Pears

10 Middle East start-ups to watch in 2016 #start-up#innovation


For many, the Middle East hardly seems the locale for a burgeoning entrepreneurial scene. But over the last decade, the region has witnessed strong advances made by young minds to improve civil society across the region.

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