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“Trump est-il vraiment fini ? (Reportage 05/11/2018)” on YouTube


L’homme le plus puissant de la planète apparaît plus isolé que jamais. A l’international, les alliés historiques de l’Amérique ont appris à composer sans elle et, à l’intérieur du pays, les opposants s’organisent, jusqu’au sein même de la Maison Blanche. Tandis que les affaires judiciaires s’accumulent autour de lui et que ses plus anciens soutiens témoignent contre lui, Donald Trump reste imperturbable, provocateur et fanfaron comme à son habitude. Les promesses tenues et l’insolente santé de l’économie américaine constituent ses deux cartes majeures pour son indéfectible électorat.

President Trump & the Paris Agreement

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The Paris Agreement

It may be wise not to look upon President Donald Trump’s defection from the 2015 Paris Agreement (l’Accord de Paris) as a decision dooming our ailing planet. Nor can it be seen as reflecting the will of the citizens of the United States. Climate change remains a major concern for countries around the world, the survival of planet Earth being at stake. If planet Earth dies, we all die. With respect to climate change, action cannot be delayed as we are already seconds before midnight.

Three European Nations React

A mere hour after President Trump announced his decision to withdraw from the Paris Agreement, Italy, Germany, and France stated jointly that the Paris Agreement could not be renegotiated. (See United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, Wikipedia.)


France: a Refuge to American Scientists

Again, a mere hour after Mr Trump’s made his decision public, French President…

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United States and its unique Worldwide War Propaganda Machine : the Dollar

  • Firstly published: October 2016

The main aspect of these USA elections was not elections, but war according to the controversial Russian political scientist Alexander Dugin who has close ties with the Kremlin and the Russian military.  For him, the recent attack of US coalition on Deir Ezzor Syrian government targets, backed by Russia and which helped ISIS to advance in the area, has led to reach a  pro-war climax. Yet, the financial system of these two countries depends one another in such a way that going to war now makes it impossible for both US and Russia. But propaganda always motivates elections and boosts the army industry.

Of course Russia and the United States both caused the death of a lot of civilians in Syria and this war seems that it has no issue or outcome for the time being.

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Series of earthquakes in the US likely triggered by the shale oil & gas industry activity

by  Sid Perkins for Science MagScience Mag

During the past decade or so the oil and gas industry has injected wastewater into deep rocks in eastern Texas, causing Earth’s surface to bulge ever so slightly—and likely triggering a series of tremors there in 2012, a new study suggests. Scientists say the work offers hope that similar analyses of the landscape in other oil- and gas-producing regions could help identify areas at risk of human-caused earthquakes.

The 2012 quakes shook the small town of Timpson, Texas, which lies northeast of Houston near the Louisiana state line. The largest, a 4.8-magnitude quake, and three more magnitude-4 or higher that followed, all originated in a suspicious spot: directly beneath two wells where wastewater generated during oil and gas production in the region is pumped into porous sandstone layers about 1.8 kilometers underground.

Oil and gas producers dispose of their wastewater deep underground for a variety of reasons; sometimes pumping fluid into the reservoir helps boost production, and in other cases it’s a convenient method of getting polluted water out of retention ponds on the surface so that it doesn’t inadvertently spill to pollute rivers, streams, or other sources of drinking water.

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