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The US and Israel in complete contradiction regarding ICC Palestinian Bid

The United States and Israel opposed the accession of Palestine to the International Criminal Court (ICC) raising arguments that do not hold water.

The two countries have even proclaimed their indignation following the steps taken by the President of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas.

It is difficult to understand the position taken by the US government, because the United States  refused systematically to sign the Treaty of Rome by which a state recognizes the jurisdiction of the ICC . How then Washington can oppose the application of Palestine to a court that  United States itself as a country do not recognize ?

. If the court accepts the application, the ICC prosecutor could open an investigation into war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide committed on Palestinian territories by any party. “The ICC would have jurisdiction to prosecute both Israelis and the Palestinians,” Eugene Kontorovich, a professor of international law at Northwestern University in Chicago and an expert on the conflict, told Al Jazeera.

The position of the Israelis is also at  least i could say contradictory because the spokesman of the Israeli Foreign Affairs said:

“The Palestinians themselves will be subjected to the judgments of this court as well , which will allow the world to be aware of Palestinian terrorism and war crimes committed in the name of the Palestinian Authority . “

If so  the Palestinians could be sentenced by a judgment of the ICC, Israel has not logically “an interest” as to Palestine to be subjected to the authority of this international court ?

The resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is obviously very complex and convoluted , but the attitude of the United States and Israel is far from being characterized as an improvement.

The only winner in this new confrontation is Hamas which will use United States and Israel’s opposition  for membership of Palestine to the ICC to say that any agreement is impossible with the Israelis.

This is unfortunately another example of  unfortunate diplomacy in politics, which certainly is one of the worst.

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